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Tribal Toolbox Tour

The Wisconsin Tribal Economic Development Resources Toolbox Events are planned, coordinated, and delivered through a collaborative initiative of representatives from interested Tribal Nations located in Wisconsin, the AICCW, the EDA, WPI, WEDC, GLITC and others.

The goal of the Toolbox events are to identify priority Tribal business, community and economic development projects and then to align and engage federal, state, regional and nonprofit resource organizations to facilitate advancement of priority tribal projects in Wisconsin.

The following WI Tribal Toolbox Roadmap outlines the process taken to present these events.

For more information or to request a Economic Development Resources Toolbox Event contact Gary Mejchar – [email protected]

Economic Prosperity Planning - 101

This series is designed to provide Tribal Nations located in Wisconsin a three part Tribal Economic Development workshop planning series – each four-six hours in length – beginning with the 101 session covering the basic building blocks and resources to advance Tribal Economic Development planning and projects, 201 addressing establishing a foundation conducive to strengthening and diversifying tribal economic development investments, and 301 which uses the Business Model Canvas to construct the key integrated elements to successful and profitable tribal enterprises as elements of tribal economic development and diversification.
Please see the Wisconsin Tribal Economic Prosperity Planning Series brochure, and if you are interested in scheduling this series please contact Gary Mejchar – [email protected]

Native Business Development Opportunities

Since 1991, the AICCW has been advocating for new business development opportunities – both on and off federally recognized Tribal Lands – through Business-to-Business events, marketing AICCW member
businesses to prospective new customers, and through facilitating access to various local, state, and federal government marketplaces via ‘minority/disadvantage business enterprise’ certification programs.

For more information on how AICCW may assist please contact Gary Mejchar – [email protected]

Tribal Government

As advocates and practitioners of tribal economic development work, the AICCW stands ready to respond to requests from Tribal Government representatives for economic development technical assistance, professional development workshops for elected tribal governing boards/councils and boards of directors of tribal enterprises and business development corporations. In addition, the AICCW is available for requests to deliver tribal member entrepreneurship and business ownership workshops which are responsive to individual community needs and circumstances.

For more information, please contact Gary Mejchar, [email protected]